Clayton Hearing


Clayton Hearing offers a full range of audiology services, from full hearing assessments to wax removal. We offer services for those receiving government pensions, Department of Veterans' Affairs Gold and White Card holders, pre-employment assessments and hearing assessments for school-age children. People who are not on a pension are also eligible to receive our services.

Our clinic is accredited to provide services through the Office of Hearing Services under the Hearing Services Voucher Scheme, Department of Veterans' Affairs and WorkCover.

We offer the following services:


Diagnostic Hearing Tests

Our comprehensive testing includes medical history, examination of the ear canal and diagnostic evaluation of hearing.

Aural Rehabilitation

Diagnosis and management of hearing loss conditions, our aural rehabilitation programs are individually designed to teach you, our clients, how to live with your hearing loss while maintaining your lifestyle.

Tinnitus Management

There is no cure to tinnitus but our program helps you manage the symptoms with sound therapy, stress management and masking devices.

Pre-employment Hearing Assessments

If your employer requires a hearing test before commencement of employment, we offer pre-employment hearing checks.

Customise Hearing Protection

We offer custom-made ear plus for a range of purposes including sleep, swimming, musicians and noise protection and communication ear pieces.

Hearing Aid Fittings

As we are an independent hearing clinic, we can offer you the latest technology from a range of providers.

Hearing Aid Repairs & Maintenance

Minor repairs are done in-house. All other repairs are sent to the manufacturer.

Assistive Listening Devices

A range of TV listening devices to suit your individual needs. We offer a range of doorbells, smoke alarms and alarm clocks for the hearing impaired.